His….. &…..Her

I’m really Happy to be publishing my first story “My Pride, My Hero”, the title tell the story of two people who had fought alongside.

Their story started from a small rented house which the curtain made of old cloth. They are romantic couple, when the late afternoon they always sing together with his guitar. sing a romantic song “lagu nostalgia – Indonesian love song” and their children sleeping in the lap of Mom and the other following sing a song.

Their are extra ordinary family, not a rich family. Daddy always said “Sometimes Life is not all about Wealth, or Possition but its about to be Happy People. To be grateful for what we have it’s the Happiness.”

                   My Pride, My Hero                            Dadd & Mom

With the passion and hard work, they can pay for our collage until we can work decent. Their life style are extra ordinary, but they provide the best for their children.

My Pride, My Hero is Daddy and Mommy……..Thank You So Much For Your Love, Your Kindness, Your Sacrifice for Us……Sorry I Can’t Repay…….I Love You Dadd & Momm

Mamahku 20160711_144430

Daddy, Nephew and Mommy

Love Your Parents When They Are Still In The World, Don’t Be Embarrased by Their Condition. Your life will be Glorious if there is Blessing.

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